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Sit back and wait for results

  • It’s not an overnight thing. It is actually a continous and lengthy process that should be synchronised with decisions about a website’s content, structure, design, and used technologies
  • Monitor and iterate
  • Lots of opportunities and free services such as Google Product Search

One Page at a Time (No SEO Shortcuts)

The first principle to understand in designing your site is that you don't optimize your whole site all at once. You're optimizing each and every page of your site individually. Many people think they only need to optimize their home page and then they're done. Many times when you click on a link from a search engine results page, it will take you to a specific page on your site. Thus, SEO is a very time-consuming and tedious ongoing process that needs to be carefully thought out and executed. (Search Engine Watch)


From an article by Ron Jones for Search Engine Watch Dec 22 2008.

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Is it working?

Testing and re–testing is fundamentally important to the success of you search engine marketing. Companies that choose not to may as well sit there and smoke £20 notes.

User testing does take up time. It can cost but nowhere near the cost of failure. your testers’ comments, at best, will make you disappointed and at worst will mean rethinking your entire search engine strategy, but done professionally and continually you will reap the rewards. User testing must go outside the walls of those with a vested interest in the success of your site. You need honest feedback from the average “Joe” in the street.

What is to be done?

Sit your testers down and set them specific tasks. If you are a web designer you may get one to search for words like “online portfolio” and another tester to search for “web programmer bristol”. Record your position and the position of your competitors.

If possible have people test from other parts of the country or other parts of the world. Then act on the results and test again to find out if you are doing better.

The last part of this testing procedure is that you could ask your testers to click through and see if your website actually answers their question or fulfils whatever need they were searching for.


Get into Bed with Google
by Jon Smith