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Overriding Philosophy

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  • Provide quality relevant content accessible to everyone
  • If it has lots of quality links to it, it must be important, rank it highly. This includes social media sharing.


You must have the sort of content that fulfils the need of your user without excluding anyone.
Google will recognise the quality of your content as people find it useful because people will link to it.
This is a democratic process. (Smith)

For example have you ever used Google to check spellings?
The search will finish off your word as you are typing it, not because it is looking it up in a dictionary but because that word’s spelling is the one most searched for.
Spelling is what all people all agree on, not what some academic in Oxford says it is.

So a democracy is what SEO should be about. People find the content important enough to share it, Google will know and rank the shared content higher.

Farmed links will result in being marked down.


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by Jon Smith

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Who's your Audience?

You should create your website for your user first and Google second. Sometimes these two separate audiences relate and react positively to the same thing, but your focus should always be on the human user with Google a close second – and not the other way round. At the end of the day whilst Google might give you the exposure, it‘s never going to buy anything from you, ever. Talk to your potential client on every occasion whilst keeping your search engine happy.

Extracted from Get into Bed with Google by Jon Smith
Get into Bed with Google