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What’s in a Domain…name?

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  • Balance between keyword in name and branding and what’s memorable
  • Can’t decide – register more, then point them all to your site.
  • Register at ICANN accredited registrar
  • Old age is good
  • Check your domain name expiration date. Show you intend to be around for a long time


All the best domains are taken??
If at all possible, get a domain name with the keywords in the domain name itself. is better than
Domains with the keyword as part of it can look ugly but keep in mind that keywords in the domain name carry very great weight.(nettuts)
But you have to get creative
Is full of keywords but looks as though you are in business today and gone tomorrow.
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Non profit organisation responsible for IP address space allocation and TLDs top level domain name, generic and country codes.
Google respects older domain names–which makes sense, new is un–trusted, old is reliable. (Smith)


Net tuts Search Optimization 101
dated: September 2009
By Siddarth

WebpageSEO 101

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As a UK–based business, the two sexiest domain names you can own are and .com. For whatever reason they might be both gone and you‘re left with the dregs. If .net has gone give up and start again. Investing money in is a complete waste of time – ones like this look clunky, users find it difficult to remember and there is a suspicion that the business is a bit fly by night. Yes there are a handful of businesses that have made .biz and .tv a success, but for every one of those, there are at least 500 successful or .com sites.

It‘ very easy to buy domain names from the comfort of your owm home. That‘s the easy bit. The difficult bit is ensuring that they are registered/hosted in the appropriate country. If you are trying to appeal to a UK audience be sure that your hosting servers are based in the UK.

Google knows where your servers are and favours your website in that country‘s search results – which may not be your target market.

A useful tool for finding out where people are from using their IP address is IP2 location

Extracted from Get into Bed with Google by Jon Smith
Get into Bed with Google