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Use your tags and And Microformats

html tags

Tag it up

Use the appropriate tags when developing a site.
The heading tags are widely under used.
People are instead using generic div tags to encapsulate important information. This is wrong.
Strictly looking at the markup alone, the heading tags lets us see the informational hierarchy of the page and this applies for the bots too.
Use h1 for the title of the post, h2 for each section’s heading and so on.
If you think some information is important feel free to make it bold.
Bots tend to place value on bolded text just like we immediately see what the bolded text.
As always, use it sparingly. You dont want to be flagged for spam.(nettuts)
And Microformats
Back to telling the machines what you mean.


Net tuts Search Optimization 101
dated: September 2009
By Siddarth

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