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  • Description <200 words – unique for each page
  • Google takes no notice of keywords

Tweek the Meta Elements

The meta elements used to matter years ago when search engine bots were less sophisticated and relied on the meta description and keyword attributes to help them.
When this was taken advantage of by spammers, search bots started giving less importance to meta elements.
Google takes no notice of keywords.
Having said that, it doesn’t hurt to include the meta description element.
This is the text used in the description of your site. Try to limit yourselves to 200 characters, keep it simple, grammatically correct and include relevant keywords. Keep the descriptions unique for each page.(nettuts)
And if the bot can’t get useful info out of your site’s content it will display this in the search results as default.


Net tuts Search Optimization 101
dated: September 2009
By Siddarth

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Other meta tags

  • Author–The name of the person who authored the page
    <meta name="author" content="Emory Rowland">
  • Email–The contact person's e-mail address. Don't put this in unless you want SPAM!
    <link rev="made" href="">
  • Copyright–The copyright year and the name
    <meta name="copyright" content="2002 by Laughter">
  • Revisit–How often to tell the spiders to come back
    <meta name="revisit-after" content="14 days">
  • Refresh–This field must contain a URL that refers the page to another link in a specified number of seconds
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="120; url=">
  • Expires–The date when the content expires
    <meta http-equiv="expires" content="Wed, 39 Jan 2004 26:29:02 GMT">
  • Distribution
    Global – Used for major entry points
    Local – Used for local entry points
    <meta name="distribution" content="global">
  • Robot
    Web spiders can be restricted using the following Robot meta tags. Recommend you do not use these but your a
    <a target=“_blank” href=“”>robots.txt file instead.: All – Robots may traverse and index the page
    No Index – Robots may traverse but not index the page
    No Follow – Robots may index the page but not follow it
    None – Robots may neither index nor traverse the page
    <meta name="robots" content="nofollow">
  • Rating
    14 Years
    <meta name="rating" content="14 years">

For even more meta tags see the source.

Extracted from an article by WebNet77