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Get yourself into every directory, society, search engine, reference site and information portal you can.(Lucidica)
Dmoz is still king.(Smith)
The Open Directory Project is a very unassuming website out there in cyberspace that carries a tremendous amount of weight. Its USP, ironically in this technical age, is that it is human powered and not software driven. DMOZ doesn‘t employ spiders to scan the web, it waits for you to submit your URL and then assigns an editor to check your listing manually and, assuming you‘ve added yourself in the correct category, you‘ll be listed on DMOZ.(Smith)

Very few users actually use the directory to conduct searches – why would you when Google does it so much better? – so being listed is not going to affect your web traffic levels. DMOZ‘s data can be downloaded for free, and both small and large websites use that data to improve their own sites– and one of those sites is Google. In fact, Google‘s own directory is nothing other than the DMOZ data.

A listing on DMOZ means then you will have links from 2 very high PageRank websites, that‘s Google and DMOZ.

One slight drawback is that it is staffed by volunteers and so after submission you may have to wait a while before you get your listing.


From a talk given at the British Library on SEO by Lucidica on March 4th 2010. An IT company based in London.

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