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Website Front Page - Code the new design

All Join - as at April 2010 work completed

Given a PSD to work from, code the new logged in web page that includes mostly dynamic content that comes from a PostgreSQL database.

Jobs to do:-

Validate the existing page - that is remove 112 validation errors made by various programmers. This was important because I wanted to start coding from a point where I know that the code (over 600 lines for this page) is written correctly. Over the last couple of years various professional programmers have worked on this page and errors have crept in.

It's important to have well written validating code because Google and the other search engines will find it easier to read and it will render correctly in more different sorts of browsers. - COMPLETED

The most common errors made by the programmers were:-

  • Required attribute X not specified - Alt tags not specified
  • End tag for X omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified - This is where the tag either needed to be self closed or didn't have its closing tag
  • xmlParseEntityRef: no name - This is where javascript as included in the HTML, I exported it and made a link to it
  • End tag for element X which is not open - This is where the programmer had mistakenly self closed a tag that didn't need to be
  • ID X already defined - Basic CSS rules say you can have only one ID name per page. The programmer has used 2 IDs more than once. I corrected this by changing it to a class
  • Opening and ending tag mismatch - The programmers has lost their place here and forgot to close tags, or had deleted opening tags without deleting their respective end tags

After correcting the errors the page validated before correcting the errors there were 112 errors on the page

Code the new page - Taking what I have already done to correct the old page the new code I will add will be standards compliant and POSH where possible. COMPLETED - 9th April 2010

alljoinon new design alljoinon old design

Technologies being used - HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, PostgreSQL and PHP