The Future of Interaction Design / Requirements Gathering & Analysis / Information Visualisation


Mini Project 1

By breaking the scenario into tiny parts and describing them I realised that the robot could be simplified down to its basic functions. The clever software can be housed anywhere.

Behavioural change needs more than usability. Need persuasive design with methods coming from variety of disciplines in business such as Advertisers, Marketers, Salesman, or from the sciences of Sociology, Psychologists, and Cognitive Science.

Mini Project 2

  • Data gathering is a practical exercise
  • Thoroughly test recording equipment first
  • Use the appropriateness technique – “5 whys” better for pulling information from less forthcoming participants.
  • Only listing Requirements that are derived from the data gathered.

Mini Project 3

  • Infinite number of ways data can be presented.
  • Information can be skewed or given extra or less dramatic effect depending on how it’s used to persuade.
  • Design principles used together produce a better interface.