Short Investigation into the accessibility of the travel Website

5 accessibility issues


What if you are having difficulty using the website to book or manage your holiday?
Perhaps you can’t access the website or sign up for last minute deals.
Are you getting a fair deal if you can’t take advantage of last minute deals simply because the website is inaccessible.

Revenue opportunities are missed because the 11 million people registered in the UK as disabled are not getting a fully inclusive experience from the website.

Search Engines also like accessibility, not just because when done properly it makes the website inclusive and remember that the programmers that write the search engine algorithms believe the web is for everyone, but also because search engines can only read text. Not only that there have to be text but also it must describe, and be relevant to what is on the page.

Accessibility is a legal requirement under the the Equality Act 2010.

Listed below are 5 accessibility issues that were picked up in 5 minutes.

Accessibility Policy

accessibility policy

Accessibility Policy – Not updated so it can be assumed that Sunsave are not aware of the Equality Act 2010.

Alternative Text

main splash

Alt tags –
1. the main splash alt tags does not describe the main splash. Missing an opportunity to tell people and search engines about their products.
2. The Holiday offer images do not have alt tags at all.


Page Titles

 page titles

Page Titles must describe the content that is in the page.


Form Labels

form labels

Form Labels – No description as to what the form input does.


Link Titles

link titles

Link Titles – Where is the link going?
For SEO the term “more info” is a high frequency keyword term.
Do Sunsave want to be known as the “more info” website?



This list is not exhaustive and only a result of a 5 minute analysis of just the home page.
According to accessibility tool Wave there are a further 21 accessibility problems on this page alone.